Benefits and Eligibility

Lesbian and queer female doctors (Currently registered/ previously registered) and medical students within Australia and New Zealand are eligible to join the ALMA community and receive the benefits of membership;

  • Access to our secure online networking community.

  • Eligibility to be involved in our mentoring program.

  • Invitation to our Annual conference and other national events.

  • Invitation and inclusion to locally run ALMA social events.

  • Access to, and the ability to contribute to our newsletter ALMANAC.

  • Membership provides an opportunity for lesbian and queer doctors and medical students to be part of an accepting community with a shared understanding. Membership fees are delivered back to our community by helping to fund ALMA’s work.



ALMA works tirelessly to ensure confidentiality of all members as it is understood that everyone’s lives are different and sexuality can be a difficult situation to navigate. Members are able to choose the level of confidentiality that suits them and can change this as their circumstances change.

Level 1: Details are available only to the ALMA committee. (Not “Out”)

Level 2: Details can be made available to any member of ALMA (“Out” within ALMA)

Level 3: Details may be made available to anyone at the Committee’s discretion ("Out" publicly) (Consent to being included in publicly available resources i.e. ALMA website)

Membership Fees*

(Per Financial Year)

Student/Retiree Membership: $25

Standard Membership: $150

Members who wish to make an additional tax deductible contribution to ALMA’s work can take advantage of our Precious Stone Tiered Membership, and can specify which projects they wish to support.

  • Opal $250

  • Topaz $350

  • Amethyst $500

  • Diamond - Any nominated amount over $500

*ALMA exists to provide a community for all members. If a person’s financial situation is a barrier to access (retiree/student), ALMA will accept payment of any membership fee over $5 value at the member’s discretion.

*Fees are in Australian Dollars.


New Members - Please contact Membership Secretary Below before making payment.

Join Us


If you would like to become a member of ALMA, you will need to email our Membership Secretary at:

Our membership Secretaries, Adele or Ash, will return your inquiry to organise a time to have a chat, explain the membership process and welcome you to our community.

After you have joined ALMA and paid your membership fee you will be granted access to our online community.