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In 1999 ALMA’s founding members organised and held a conference intended for lesbian doctors and medical students and partners in Lake Macquarie.

The conference was successful with 32 attendees and the experiences stimulated the formal creation of ALMA to support queer woman in the medical field.

Since that day ALMA has continued to grow and now provides a supportive community for over 200 lesbian, bisexual and queer doctors in Australia and New Zealand from all different specialties.

What We Do

Support and Social

ALMA provides a safe, inclusive community for our members, providing support to members as they navigate their medical careers.

In addition to our biggest social gathering at the annual ALMA conference, we maintain a private online community and run regular social events. Members receive and can contribute to a regular newsletter called The Almanac and can also partake in the ALMA mentoring program to support all members in their careers and lives


It is an aim of ALMA to promote and improve the lives of our members and all women in the LGBTQI+ community through fostering innovation, advancing understanding of the health issues faced by our community and increasing the profile of health research pertaining to queer women. ALMA provides generous grants to achieve this aim.


At the formation of ALMA it was known that we wanted to use our ability and energies to increase the visibility of lesbian and queer women in the medical profession to improve the lives and outcomes of all woman.

ALMA has worked with medical schools to improve training and understanding of lesbian and queer health in medical curricula. We have lobbied the government and contributed to national reports and government policy to help overcome the homophobia and discrimination that many of our members have faced, simply for being themselves.

ALMA has even been able to take our advocacy to an international level and have been granted special consultative status by the United Nations. This enabled ALMA to make valuable contributions  to the international dialogue through the United Nations community.  


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